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Monday, January 1, 2018
First Respnder Promotion Extended thru April 30th
The Supreme Council has approved the extension of our
“First Responder” membership initiative through April 30.
This is the perfect opportunity to honor your obligation and
sign a new member. (We do not anticipate incentives of this
nature in the future, so please take advantage of it while you
These individuals bring three things to the Moose that
are desperately needed: a shared commitment to serving
others; a youthful, energetic viewpoint that can reinvigorate
our fraternal units; and the potential to step into leadership
positions within our lodges, chapters and Moose Legions.
Take the time over the next few months to identify individuals
and organizations which step up in our community
and invite them to join. The Moose cannot have enough
members who recognize the benefits of giving to others and
supporting causes purely because it’s the right thing to do.
Don’t stop inviting qualified candidates in other fields to
join the Moose. Even though fees and dues apply to these
groups, adding members will make our lodge stronger.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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by Administrator Greg McCarty
Start of a New Year, 2018, I trust that we all had a Joyous
Christmas and a Happy New Year! I want to look back at
what happened in 2017 at the Lapeer Moose Lodge! Many
lodge improvements were made: the new doors, new furnace,
A/C, some brighter lighting, reconstructed handicap ramp,
electrical improvements and the brand new “Smoke Shack”.
Quite a list! This was made possible because of your
donations, Social Quarter attendance and our fund-raising
events, such as the Poker Rooms, Corn and Coney Day, and
the Battle of the Bands. The Charity donations were up last
year also, again made possible by your help. Have we more
to do? Sure. Is it ever done? NO. Our ceiling needs a face
lift, the floor needs help in places, and, naturally, the neverending
maintenance on our equipment. Your board is trying
to get these things done one by one. The physical help from
our members last year made it possible and we will be looking
for help again this year. If you feel you can give a few hours,
let our Governor, myself or anyone on the board know, we
would appreciate it. Suggestions are also welcomed. If you
see something that will make our lodge more appealing, write
it down, sign it, put your phone number down and we will
give you a call and talk about your suggestion. OR, better
yet, come to a meeting. That way, the whole board can hear
your ideas.
It is not too early to start thinking about becoming an officer
for your Lodge. We have openings available, you can be
appointed to fill the position until the end of April 2018. All
offices are then open for nomination and then voted on. You
can do it, get involved, it is satisfying.
As a Moose member, are you aware of Mooseheart (the
care and education of children) or Moosehaven (retirement
village for our elderly members). If not, go on-line, the web
sites are listed in our newsletter. Get informed of what “The
Moose” is, and what great charity work we do. We are a
fraternal organization, not just a building with social
quarters and cheap drinks.
A huge “THANK YOU” to all members that were able
to visit, attend our functions, donate to our lodge and help
make it “The Little Lodge with a Big Heart”.
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