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Monday, November 13, 2017
Social Quarters and Bar Manager Mary Gark
The Kids Halloween Party was great fun. Thirteen kids
showed up for fun, games, food, and lots (and lots) of treats.
Thanks to everyone who donated candy.
I would like to personally thank Cole and Morgan Fike for
putting away outside tables and chairs, and helping with the
party. Thank you both very much!
Although Kay and I have had lots of fun organizing the
kids parties, we are retiring from the job. Bessie Rozak has
offered to take over, so please give her as much support as
you gave us in the past.
November and December are food donation months for
the needy. Please help by bringing in nonperishable food items.
Please don’t donate outdated items, as we cannot give them
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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by Administrator Greg McCarty
When you see a “work in progress” from the start and
watch it take shape, mold into something nice, then see the
final product (and know it was done by volunteers) you should
feel good! That is what happened to our Smoke Shack. We
watched it being framed, then a roof put on, and, now, the
finished product, outside and inside. Thanks to all our
members who volunteered and got it done.
Are you proud to be a MOOSE member? What drew you
to become a member? Friend, relation, something convinced
you to sign the application. Were you told what the Loyal
Order of Moose is truly about? Did anyone take the time to
tell you about Mooseheart, just west of Chicago and the
children we help? Were you told about Moosehaven in Florida
- a living and housing environment for our senior citizens?
Has anyone told you about the many wonderful charities
that we, through Mooseheart, support? Are you aware of
what your lodge donates to local charities and what we help
support? IF NOT, why? Ask your officers, go on the websites
that are listed in our newsletter. Attend the membership
As a board, we are going to start interviewing our new
members and make them aware of the “MOOSE” and
exactly what we are, the benefits of joining, and hope to
instill fraternal spirit, which you, as members, should embrace
and welcome into our lodge. What about doing a “Get To
Know The Moose” night? If interested, let our officers know
and we will schedule it...videos, pamphlets, speakers, the
whole works. I think it would be good for all of us.
Our board would like to congratulate Charlie Brady on
becoming “Moose of the Year.” Charlie enjoys our social
quarters, attends meetings, and just likes being a Moose and
what our Lodge supports. Thanks for your work and
contributions on the Smoke Shack, Charlie!
Our Lodge needs to grow, and to do this, we need new
members. Don’t be afraid to ask someone, women or men,
we are able to sign up both now. Bring them to our Lodge,
show them what we have to offer: food, euchre, social events
and the fun we have in the social quarters. Sign them up!
New members will bring exciting new ideas!
There is a lot that makes a Lodge a “good” lodge, not just
the social quarters. Thanks need to go out to our WOTM,
without their touch, it would be a boring place to visit. Things
like the Halloween party, seasonal decorations that go up
and come down, and help with our poker room events, are
just a few of the “things” they help us with. THANK YOU!
Come to your Lodge, introduce yourself and get to know
your fellow members. Become an active member; you will
be surprised how you feel when you do.
Almost forgot...I would like to wish everyone a Merry
Christmas and a fruitful Happy New Year. Be Merry, but safe.
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