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Thursday, May 11, 2017
New Bartenders
Another year has begun with three new bartenders at
our Moose Lodge. Stop in and introduce yourself. Elaine,
Jannell and William will be happy to serve you and cook
for you.
Throughout the summer, we will be having a variety of
Jello and pudding shots. There’s always room for Jello!
See you at the Moose.

Mary Gark, Bar Manager
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Surprise, surprise, going to keep this article short.
SUMMER IS COMING, I think. Time to take that
nice ride and stop at your Moose Lodge and visit, see
what is happening, visit with your fellow members and just
have a little fun. Bring your ideas for a fun event, turn it
into a fund event of your choice, we can help. One of
those fund events is our Poker room at the Eagles in
Burton, Michigan. We need help. This is NOT a hard job,
ask our Governor or myself, we can explain the whole
process. Date of this one is May 18 - May 21. Give us a
call PLEASE. The revenue we earn from these events
goes to our charities.
We hope you have been able to visit the Lodge and
see some of the improvements. Yes, the parking lot and
drive way are on the list. The Wind storm we had caused
some damage to our outside canopies and other things.
We hope the insurance monies will let us replace or repair
what we need to get it back in shape. Man power will be
needed when that time comes.
Your lodge needs new ideas, constructive suggestions,
chair people for food events, anything that will make
visiting our Lodge enjoyable. Please think about it and
talk to any of our officers or just give us a call. We care,
time that you do to! Thanks.
Greg McCarty
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