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Sunday, December 30, 2018
Moose Rider News
By President Lance Johnson, Lapeer Moose Riders

Our next meeting and Holiday Party is January 19.
Our meeting will be held at noon, with our Holiday Party
at 1:00 pm. The February meeting will be on the 17th, also
at noon. Let’s all have a safe riding season this year! Hopefully,
the nice weather will be here soon.

By the way...What do you call a laughing motorcycle?
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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by Administrator Greg McCarty, LOOM 2433

December, 2018!! “Where has the time gone”, “seems just
like yesterday,” “time goes way too fast,” all these sayings are
apropos for me this year! Yet, I cannot remember what
happened in January, heck, for that matter sometimes last week
is a fog! One thing I do remember about this past year is the
improvements in our lodge, the fun and laughs, the seemingly
endless meetings needed to make sure all runs smoothly, the
tasty meals, the fun with karaoke, euchre, and the fraternalism
that goes along with all of those. What a great year! On to the
next one, 2019 HERE WE COME!!!!
I had a discussion with Ron Dillon, our fantastic newsletter
editor, that my article will be short, as a late Christmas gift. So
here goes...
Membership - COME ON, get on board!! Bring them in,
show them a good time, sign them up, get them active.
Retention - RETENTION LISTS will be posted on the
Let’s Start 2019 With New Members, Ideas
bulletin board forthcoming. Look at it. If you were the sponsor
or if you know the member, call them and remind them to pay
their dues. If there’s a problem, let myself or our Governor
know, maybe we can help.
Dropped member - Volunteer for our retention committee.
Call them, find out why they dropped! Is it our lodge? Is it
something we did? Knowing why and talking with them will
hopefully get them to rejoin our Lodge.
Why do we need new members? With new members come
new ideas, new officers, new volunteers, new chairmen, and
new members will bring new smiles, new stories... do you get
the jest?
Whoa!! I promised short! I am very excited about our Lodge
for the New Year. Let’s get this party STARTED!
One last thing - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK
YOU to all who helped make our Lodge “The Little Lodge
with the Big Heart.”

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