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Thursday, September 21, 2017
Membership Appreciation Day
Sept 24th, 2pm till ?? AUCE Coney dogs, corn on the Cob and a bonfire. All for just $5. See ya there!
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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by Administrator Greg McCarty
Hello everyone, I hope your day is going great! Our
improvements to the Lodge sure looks and feels good (A/
C inside) and as a bonus, it has saved us money on our
gas/electric bill. Yes, the smoke shack needs to be
finished but some members are working on it and
hopefully will be ready for the wintry weather! (did I say
that? Sorry) Anyway I hope you have visited your lodge
to see the improvements, if not, get in here!
If you have concerns, complaints, comments or would
like to suggest changes, improvements or maybe chair an
event, come to a membership meeting! If you are unable
to attend, write your idea down and put it in an envelope
with the Governors name, Dale Vaughan, Social Quarters
Manager, Mary Gark or my name and give it to the
bartender, we will get it. Some of the suggestions might
have to be talked about at the House Committee, but they
will be brought up to the board. Please, let us know your
concerns, that is what we are there for.
Our Lodge has gone stagnant on membership. First
responders still have free dues the first year. Ask your
friends, neighbors, cousins, tell them about Mooseheart,
Moosehaven, what we do at the lodge, the savings that
are available as a member and the fraternal, social side of
being a member. We need new members to keep our
lodge vibrant.
Your lodge has vacancies on the board, if you are
interested in filling an office, let someone know. Get
Our next poker room fund raiser is Oct. 12, 13, 14 &
15, at the Burton Eagles. It is NOT a hard or physically
demanding job. These fund raisers support our charities
and help pay a few bills, without enough help, we will not
be able to do them! Let your Governor now what date/
dates you’re able to work
Let’s keep our “Little Lodge with the Big Heart”
the Friendliest Place in Town!
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