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Thursday, May 17, 2018
Summer Hours
by Social Quarters/Bar Manager Mary Gark, WOTM #2106

The month of May brings our Lodge’s summer hours.
Beginning May 1, the Lodge will be open from noon until 9
pm Sunday - Wednesday; and noon until 10 pm Thursday -
Euchre is still going strong on Thursday and Saturday at
6:00 pm sharp - only $5.00 for a couple hours of fun!
Be sure to stop by YOUR lodge and support the purpose
of the Moose; Kay and Dotty need people to keep them
God bless Mooseheart.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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by Administrator Greg McCarty

Is Spring here to stay? I know I am ready for some nice weather.
Brighter scenery, flowers, smells, everything that goes with it. Now
let’s think about our Lodge and the Moose “Spring”. Start with
membership. The month of May starts our new Moose calendar.
NEW officers, (wonderful thing, congratulations), NEW set of books,
NEW chance for summer events, and a NEW chance to boost
our membership over last year’s numbers.
If we start with holding on to our current members (Retention),
we would be more than halfway there. Starting in May, there will
be a list of expiring members on the bulletin board. If you see
someone you sponsored or someone you know on that list, call
them, find out if they forgot to pay their dues. If not, why they are
dropping membership in our Lodge. If it is something our Lodge is
doing or not doing, let an officer know or better yet come to a
membership meeting and talk about it. Discussion will bring results,
letting us know will start that discussion. Retention STARTS the
day you sign that new member!
New members! We sign them up, board votes on acceptance, I
enter them into the computer, their membership card gets sent to
them, then what? If lucky, they start coming in to enjoy the social
quarters and see why we are “The little Lodge with the Big Heart”.
But sadly, most know nothing of what the Moose is about. The
sponsor hopefully will explain our principles and what are offered,
but sadly, this does not always happen. We have a CD available to
show them, including our current members. We could start our
initiation ceremony? What do you think would help?
When you see a new face in the Lodge, talk to him or her, be
friendly. Introduce yourself with a smile, see what Lodge they are
from. Thank them for stopping at our Lodge.
NEW opportunities: Joining the “Legionaries” of our Lodge.
This is the next step upward in being a LOOM. Our goal this year
is to make our Lodge Legion a presence in our Lodge. Ask us
what the Legion is about. “Doing something good for someone
each day.” I will explain the process in another article, too lengthy
for this one.
Let us all jump on board with this “NEW” concept this month,
retention, membership, Legion and most of all...
FUN, friendship and smiles in our Social Quarters.
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