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Thursday, July 23, 2020
Chapter News
Our Women of the Moose Chapter has received the Award
of Achievement, which is the result and evidence of the
Chapter's success. It serves as the inspiration to every coworker
to work together as a stem and do their best. The
Award of Achievement signifies that the team has put forth
every effort to follow the program of the Women of the
Moose. The Award of Achievement recognizes the Chapter's
success in building the membership, as well as the Chapter's
financial strength. The Chapter Award of Achievement is
required in order to obtain the higher degrees or personal
honors within the Women of the Moose.

Junior Graduate Regent Kay Vaughan has been awarded
the Green Cap, which is symbolic of the success of the Senior
Regent and her abilities to lead her team. The Green Cap
indicates the co-workers opportunity to achieve the coveted
cap and gown of the College of Regents. The Green Cap is
invested to accredited Junior Graduate Regents who have demonstrated
exceptional leadership skills while serving as Senior
Regent. Honored recipients are presented with a symbolic green
cap medallion.
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Administrator's Message
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by Administrator Greg McCarty, LOOM 2433
When “simple” things are taken away from you it takes
time to realize how important those little, “simple” things can
affect your routine, your thinking, your life! The “simple” thing
of not being able to attend our Moose Lodge, took a while, for
me, to become a very missed part of my life. Fortunately,
we had some needed fraternalism sprucing up our Lodge. The
camaraderie, smiles, togetherness, and simply being together
have put the pieces back that I believe we all missed. Not only
that, but we have joined together “the Moose way” in
supporting Mooseheart and Moosehaven.
We have also supported a fellow Michigan Lodge when the
devastating floods washed through the Midland Lodge. Your
Lodge made a monetary donation to help them get on their
feet and hopefully, open soon. Doesn’t it feel good to be back
Our membership has been super! Please take advantage
of our 25th Anniversary Promotion – NEW LOOM members
can join for $25.00! Applications are at the Lodge. Come in,
get to know your fellow members and ask for an application or
two. NOW is the TIME.
This ever-changing time we are experiencing has not been
easy for our Lodge. We have and will get through this, I believe,
stronger and more unified.
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